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Darren Rivers has been performing his brilliant and entertaining Elvis tribute act for over 20 years. Still to this day, his Elvis Presley show is in high demand for all kinds of events, such as.


  • Weddings

  • Birthday Parties

  • Wedding Anniversaries

  • Las Vegas Themed Events

  • Charity Nights


Not only is Darren Rivers a superb live entertainer, but also, he has a fantastic voice. If you have never heard him sing before, be sure to listen to his recordings on this very webpage.

Important information below.


Unfortunately, we hear many horror stories where a client has contacted us, sometimes on the very day of their event, and said that the Elvis Presley tribute they have booked has cancelled or worse, not even bothered turning up.


The trouble with, not just Elvis Presley acts, but artists in general, is that most of them only perform as a hobby or part-time.


Darren Rivers has been a full-time professional UK Elvis singer for the last 15 years.


Darren Rivers is renowned for his reliability and professionalism, not just with private clients and venues, but also among many of the leading UK Entertainment Agents.


Don’t be let down at your wedding, birthday party or events, contact us today, book a tribute artist you can trust.


Telephone: 07973 326948  / Email: info@ukelvistribute.co.uk

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